Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scientific Method Scenario Discussion#1

1.)  The Problem- Student falling asleep in class.
*The Hypothesis- Does staying up late to watch their favorite T.V. show, cause the student to fall asleep in class?
*The Prediction- If the student stays up to watch their favorite T.V. show, they will fall asleep in class.  If the student doesn’t stay up to watch their favorite T.V. show, they will be awake in class.

2.)  The Test- In order to make a true solid answer to my hypothesis, I would need to conduct tests in order to prove my prediction to be fact.
1.            Ask the student what their favorite show is.
2.            See if their favorite show airs the night before class.
3.            If it does air, see how late it's on till.
4.            If you ask the student to record the show and watch it after class instead, take notes if they fall asleep in class or not.
5.            Ask the student if they do anything after they watch their favorite T.V. show.
*Falsification- If I guess that the student’s favorite show is “Sons of Anarchy” and conclude that if they stop watching that show and instead record it for another time, then they will be awake in class.  It must be repeatable by other researchers.  Another researcher may not get the same results and therefore the conclusion would be false.  Perhaps, the student is falling asleep because they have insomnia or are out late partying.  Maybe they don’t even watch T.V., which will also make my prediction incorrect. 
*Support- I could support my predictions by going to their house and taking notes of what they do before they go to bed (kind of creepy but whatever).
And if they do stay up late to watch their favorite T.V. show and then go right to bed I could make a conclusion that, the student falls asleep in class due to staying up late to watch their favorite T.V. show.
Then I would just need to have other researchers peer review and test my hypothesis and conclusion to be true facts.

3.)  An untestable explanation that could not be classified as a scientific hypothesis is perhaps they are too cool for school so they just fall asleep in class. 


  1. You did a great job following the scientific method. And your untestable explanation was very creative.

  2. I really like the hypothesis you came up with because it sounds like me. I stay up late watchin t.v. and one of my favorite shows is sons of anarchy! It looks like you did a good job with the scientific method. Also the untestable explanation was good.

  3. I agree with your hypothesis. Most students like to watch late night shows causing them to lack on sleep. Then the student has to wake up early the next morning to go to school. I think that you have a plausable hypothesis with good examples for a solution.

  4. Very creative hypothesis and a nicely thought out test. As far as the untestable hypothesis, the value of 'cool' can actually be detected and therefore evaluated and measured. Theoretically, you could test the level and influence of his "coolness". Interesting idea though...