Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Historical Influences on Darwin

1.)  I’d claim that Thomas Malthus had the most influence over Charles Darwin’s progressing theory of Natural selection.
2.)  Malthus wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population, which inspired Darwin within his discoveries of natural selection.  Even though Malthus argued that if human numbers continued to increase then the lack of resources availability would lower and would result in “misery”.  Darwin extended Malthus’s discovery, by considering this principle could affect not only humans but organisms as well.  When resources are limited competition begins to take place and with competition it results in the understanding of natural selection.  Thomas Malthus made some remarkable discoveries, which Charles Darwin broadened and extended Malthus’s ideas further than what he would have ever been able to do.  With Malthus’s ideas, Darwin saw how selection in nature was the key to evolution.  Organisms with favorable variations would be able to reproduce and survive, while those with poor traits would perish and die out.
3.)  Thomas Malthus pointed out “limits to human population growth” when he wrote his essay on the principles of population.  His theory explained that if population grew too fast than the production of growth would be affected by disease, war, and famine, in order to be the survival of the fittest and compete for resources.  This information helped Darwin build more knowledge within natural selection.  With this new insight into principles of population it helped Darwin provide an answer to the problem of evolutionary change.
4.)  I think that Darwin could have eventually discovered that population is held in check with the availability of resources, yet it would have taken a longer time.  With that, I think it was better that Thomas Malthus first founded this discovery, because it gave Charles Darwin the ability to broaden and perfect this theory.
5.)  Since Darwin was discovering puzzling information that would go against the “Grand Designer”, the Church was not to pleased.   Especially during this time, England was very religious and any information that opposed God's existence was preposterous and uncalled for.  However, with all this negative public opinion brought upon Darwin, he was still able to receive much scholarly praise and appreciation for his book the Origin of Species.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scientific Method Scenario Discussion#1

1.)  The Problem- Student falling asleep in class.
*The Hypothesis- Does staying up late to watch their favorite T.V. show, cause the student to fall asleep in class?
*The Prediction- If the student stays up to watch their favorite T.V. show, they will fall asleep in class.  If the student doesn’t stay up to watch their favorite T.V. show, they will be awake in class.

2.)  The Test- In order to make a true solid answer to my hypothesis, I would need to conduct tests in order to prove my prediction to be fact.
1.            Ask the student what their favorite show is.
2.            See if their favorite show airs the night before class.
3.            If it does air, see how late it's on till.
4.            If you ask the student to record the show and watch it after class instead, take notes if they fall asleep in class or not.
5.            Ask the student if they do anything after they watch their favorite T.V. show.
*Falsification- If I guess that the student’s favorite show is “Sons of Anarchy” and conclude that if they stop watching that show and instead record it for another time, then they will be awake in class.  It must be repeatable by other researchers.  Another researcher may not get the same results and therefore the conclusion would be false.  Perhaps, the student is falling asleep because they have insomnia or are out late partying.  Maybe they don’t even watch T.V., which will also make my prediction incorrect. 
*Support- I could support my predictions by going to their house and taking notes of what they do before they go to bed (kind of creepy but whatever).
And if they do stay up late to watch their favorite T.V. show and then go right to bed I could make a conclusion that, the student falls asleep in class due to staying up late to watch their favorite T.V. show.
Then I would just need to have other researchers peer review and test my hypothesis and conclusion to be true facts.

3.)  An untestable explanation that could not be classified as a scientific hypothesis is perhaps they are too cool for school so they just fall asleep in class.